As an experienced Nurse, I have an insider knowledge of the culture and inner workings of the healthcare industry. This provides my writing with a unique and authoritative view on health-related topics and content.  I specialize in Occupational Health and Safety, Dementia, and Health and Wellness Writing

What sets me apart from the pack of pens? I have a background in improvisation and comedy. Don't laugh. Its true. I enjoy thinking outside the box and sprinkling health content with both humor and compassion.

Don't get me wrong. The writing I do provide is clinically accurate and informed by my extensive nursing background. Just lighter. Even a bit silly sometimes. If that is allowed. 

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I'm Linda-Marie McDonald RN, BN,

Freelance Health Writer


Grant MacEwan University - Occupational Health Nursing Certificate

Athabasca University - Bachelor of Science (Nursing)

University of Western Ontario - Bachelor of Science (Biology)